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How much are individual tickets for performances? And do guests have to buy tickets to the performance?

Yes. All unregistered festival guests will have to purchase their own individual tickets to the performances.


Thursday Night High School/Studio Show- $15 Tickets sold at the door.

Friday Night Pre-Professional/Professional Show- $20 Tickets sold at the door.

Saturday Night Gala Show- $25 Tickets sold at the door


Is Videography allowed during performances?

No. Fort Worth Dance Festival does not own the choreographic rights to any works presented in the festival, and in complying with COPYRIGHT Laws, there will be no recording of any kind at the evening performances.


Can I perform with both my school and studio company? And if so, will it conflict with the performance schedule?

Yes! You can perform with both groups. The performance schedule will reflect quick changes needed so that each student can perform in all works necessary.


If I am not taking classes, can I still perform?

It is highly encouraged that all student artists fully participate in the entire festival.


If I am not performing/festival participant, can I still take classes?

Drop in master class tickets will be available, if room allows.


If I dance at school and at my studio, do I have to register/pay twice?

No. Each festival participant only has to pay one registration fee, and it will be up to that individual to make sure they have communicated which company they paid under.


Are there assigned seats during the performance?

No. All seating is first come-first served.


Where would each company get ready to perform?

I.M. Terrell's PAC has state-of-the-art facilities. Each company performing, will have a designated space to get ready.


Does the registration fee pay for access to the food trucks?

No. All meals must be paid for individually.


Are there scholarships available?

It is up to each studio owner/school director to communicate scholarship needs with festival director. There are currently no guarantees to scholarship, this first year, but communication of need is highly encouraged.

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