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Fort Worth Dance Festival 2024


Welcome to our HUB for Fort Worth Dance Festival, where we will be celebrating community, exchange, and exposure to the art of dance in the many platforms that our city has to offer! A weekend of coming together, building relationships and sharing the stage in a way that has never been done before!

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About the Festival

The mission of FWDF is to preserve and promote dance in the city of Fort Worth. To assist and increase opportunities for dance students and artists in advocacy, audience development, education, networking, performance, and overall community involvement.

The Terrell Dance Union hosts Fort Worth Dance Festival in Fort Worth, Texas. It is the goal to gather various dance institutions in the city of Fort Worth ranging from dance professionals, artists, choreographers, students, teachers, studio owners, artistic directors, dance clothing stores, and many others, to share ideas, experiences, technique, and various artistic voices.

The Experience

This three-day dance experience will include 3 performances each day with completely different programming and a day of master classes for students leveling from beginner to advanced. Those students will be able to take classes from some of our city's BEST! Engage in your love of the art form while attending one or more of the main stage productions!

  • PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS PERFORMANCE (College, Pre-Professionals, and Professionals take the stage by storm!)

  • GALA PERFORMANCE (Invited Dance Companies in the Metroplex share the stage for a POWERFUL evening of Dance!)

  • YOUTH ARTISTS PERFORMANCE (Students performing from our local middle/high school and studio companies)

This experience of coming together, moving together, as a dance community is the perfect opportunity to learn from and share experiences with our local dance artists, but also to bring awareness to the city of Fort Worth at large, vast, successful, professional, and educational experiences our programs bring to the DFW community at large!

The Terrell Dance Union graciously acknowledge and thanks the Sponsors, Community Partners and Contributors for their generous support in making this festival successful!

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